We are a community, a syndicate, a decentralised tropical garden party that is driven by collective visions of a future, built on cooperation, empathy, transparency and honesty.

We believe in things that unite us, tools that create equality and new socioeconomic models that are inclusive.  

This is a shared experience beyond our present, conscious horizon: in a place what we reach by learning and growing together.

This is the realm of pineapples.

The  🍍 lore is ever changing. Here is a timeline:

29.11.22 - First PIneapple_NO_Pizzas study group call takes place during Nym shipyard academy

04.12.22 - Pineapple Proxy TG Group starts, Pineapple nym-wiki goes live on notion

17.12.22 - First pineapple spirit animal appears (a cat who likes pineapples)

18.12.22 - "Are we defenders of the freedom of taste? Or are we double agents tracking down the heretics of gastronomy? the question is pending.... mystery.” "our preferences change as soon as someone wants to know”

18.12.22 - First poll on self-definition: 46% Defenders of the freedom of the taste, 23% Double Agents tracking down the heretics of gastronomy, 69% We are the mysterious third thing.

19.12.22 - The time we did not won a Vinge grant do develop a nym proxyfier for discord

19.12.22 - Pineapple Proxy DAO gitlab account launches - https://gitlab.com/pineapple-proxy-dao

20.12.22 - Who are we? - POLL: 46% Pineapple Proxy DAO, 40% Pineapple Citadel, 26% Pineapple Nymjas, 13% Fruit Nymjas, 6% Pineapple DAO, 26% The mysterious third things, 6% Nymsters, 13% ?!

20.12.22 - "We, the members of the Tropical Fruit Liberation Front, solemnly proclaim our independence and determination as pineapple pizza eaters.” 

20.12.22 - First Pineapeople Cypherpunks arrive from paralell realities (A genesis NFT collection to be made available for future DAO members)

21.12.22 - Our Spirit Animal Guide evolves (from a cat to a cyphercat)

22.12.22 - Pineapple Proxy Twitter goes live - https://twitter.com/PineapplePr0xy

22.12.22 - Weekly Pineapple Townhall Calls begin - every attendee receives POAP - passing human verification. 🍍 is all about cooperation.

23.12.22 - Pineapple Proxy moves from Notion to Github

05.01.23 - Dear Pineapples: Remember how you once were a tired, paranoid, frantic hacker? Remember the stir of thoughts that pulled you down, the grey skies outside, the worry of all the things around you dissolving? Now, you have awakened to your great, zesty taste. The colour has returned to the skies and the faces around you. All kinds of fruits, cherries and watermelons, grapes and dragonfruit. Wow. The magic of this world wasn't hidden in all the sci-fi you were reading. It was right here, within you, all along. Wake up, dear pineapple, to the magic flavours in you. Though not everyone is a hacker doodle dude like you sweet friend, your gifts are needed in this world. There are all kinds of delicious fruits and critters out there -- your adventure ahead awaits, do it with love and an open heart. 💖✨🍍

07.01.23 - Opened up the open library of Undystopian Alexandria 🍍 As passionate cypherpunks and zesty fruits living in this current, historic age -- we felt compelled to start creating a library of future commons. We believe that through books full of stories and ideas, we can amplify the potential of our shared dreams about a future, where privacy is a fundamental human right. Shared words and vocabulary are the brick and mortar for projects that we might build together. At this point in time, knowledge is scattered and everybody is naturally interested in so many different things. Science-fiction, research papers, and other types of books are a great way to explore different angles that we can take, while leaning into a shared future.

15.01.23 - The collection of undystopian manifestos is online

01.02.23 - Launch of Pineapple Citadelle (a BTC multisig) and Pineapple Express (an EU LLC), to enable both on-chain and FIAT value flows.