Pineapple Proxy is a syndicate of decentralised entities who share members across the board. We are all about cooperation and finding synergies in order to maximise our shared impact.

At this stage of maturity we have semi-formalised governance based on circles of trust, which we'll gradually evolve into a decentralised on-chain model.

First phase of 🍍- Trust based value flows

  • ✅ Pineapple Citadelle - BTC multisig acting as the pineapple foundation. 
  • Responsible for on-chain value flows, grants, contracts and payments
  • ✅ Pineapple Express - A legal wrapper set up as an EU LLC.
  • Responsible for FIAT billing and value flows and old-world payments.

This already enables us to contract for work both with the old and new world. We believe that having both feet on the ground in two realities, this model might be one vessel for resilient, post capitalist ways of working.

Second phase 🍍🍍 - Trustless, on-chain setup - to enable decentralised governance and automated resource allocaiton & payment flows

  • Milestone 1 (Q2 '23): launch off-chain governance and discussion forum on discourse.

    • Achieved in Q1 ✅ - join our off-chain & in-depth discussions at:
  • Milestone 2 (Q2 '23): launch Pineapple Proxy DAO V0.1 on Juno using DAO DAO - Syndicate models.

  • Milestone 3 (Q3 '23): DAO on nyx - A jointly operated nym mixnet gateway, with coconut credential integration, treasury and on-chain goverance solution using anynymous web of trust developed by Entropy.

  • Milestone 4 (Q3 '23): Set up a Wyoming DAO LLC from the nyx DAO multisig - closing the circle both in FIAT and crypto value realms. 

  • Milestone 5 (Q3 '23): Launch shared fedimint gateway

In the meantime we are actively working on DAO proposal structures, researching L1 & L2 privacy enchanced smart-chain based governance solutions, and bitcoin ordinals for BTC governance.