There are no gates, security or ID check at our decentralised tropical garden party.

Everything is built on trust, mutual respect and YOUR engagement.

Our approach is to keep everything as simple as possible, so it stays inclusive and easy to digest for everyone - regardless of your background and prior experience.

The current PAO🍍 Onboarding ritual

(Feedback & live discussion here:

Stage 1 🍍🌱: Learn, stalk & lurk

Have a look around here on our website to for Pineapple’s ethos, roadmaps, Nym mixnet how-to guides, and cypherpunk reading list

and always feel free to simply chat up someone from the PAO to exchange some ideas around new internet stuff with curious creatures 🦝🦊🐈‍⬛🐕

Stage 2 🍍🧑🏽‍🎤: Say hi at our garden party

  • MISSION 1: Get a 🗺 to the party In order to join our cozy conversation in the PAO Telegram group, your first mission is to look for someone with 🍍emoji and ask for a 🗺 (telegram link) to our garden party.

It's a playful human way of preserving our collective privacy, and making sure bots stay far away from our location

  • MISSION 2: Introduce yourself at a weekly 🍍townhall call and learn about what we’re up to (and also receive your 🍍POAP which gives access to our docs) If something feels like a fit then consider staying and get involved

Stage 3: Get involved

  • Join calls when you can and communicate on channels (whatever fits your style and energy levels - self-awareness is key here)
  • Address topics by co-creating and consenting on agenda items
  • Agenda items fall into three categories: explore, decision, report

To date we have:

  • proactive members who contribute autonomously
  • semi-formalised governance based on circles of trust
  • ongoing calls and communication
  • consent based decision making
  • informal learning sessions
  • initiation NFT for attending first call

Soon to be released:

Trial of our new on-chain governance model involving two different options for 3 month cyclical commitment (social commitment statement coming soon) and proposal/voting process