Minymja - NYM token holder

The next level of privacy infrastructure is here: it’s decentralised, scalable and accessible. The time is now - to invest in a safe future for yourself and for the wider collective.

It takes a bit of work (as all good things do), but as recent users we’re super excited to help you spark your first interaction with the NYM token. This will pave the way for you to explore some of the early Nym infrastructure.

Remember — privacy isn’t easy, we live in a very connected, networked world and we’re going to need each other to learn how to properly secure ourselves as things evolve. If you haven’t already, check out the Nym whitepaper for a comprehensive overview.

Ready to get started? Let’s go:

Here's some options:

  • Bity without KYC and native tokens, explained here
  • Kraken with native tokens, explained below

https://www.notion.so/icons/token_gray.svg Level 1: Get NYM tokens into your own wallet (<5 mins)

Kraken can be used, it integrates directly with NymChain. You can purchase native NYM tokens straight away, instead of the alternative (bridging your NYM tokens through Gravity). In a matter of minutes you’ll be ready with tokens to delegate and bond

  1. Register or login to your account on Kraken

  2. Trade or buy NYM using the currency of your choice. For crypto look for Deposit under the Funding tab, and if you want to use fiat look for the big Buy button.

  3. Calculate how much you’ll need: it’s 100 NYM to bond your own mixnode, about 1-2 NYM to transfer/transact from exchanges and other Nymchain transactions. We recommend at least a minimum amount of 103 NYM.

  4. Download the NYM wallet to set it up. Note: take safety precautions, don’t forget to write up your mnemonic phrase and keep it somewhere very safe. We recommend taking the time you need here to seriously assess your own security strategy, remember: not your keys, not your tokens.

  5. Transfer the shiny new NYM tokens from Kraken to your public NYM address. For some fun, watch how fast it happens live on the chain explorer.

  6. Either delegate your tokens to existing mixnodes (browse the list and find one you like here: https://explorer.nymtech.net/network-components/mixnodes/) or go hard and get ready to bond them to your own mixnode. In this case follow the next guide!

Congratulations, you’re a lvl.1 TINYMJA 🤩