You are warmly welcomed to Pineapple Proxy's home on the web.

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Let us introduce ourselves: we're a zesty collective of whacky, warm individuals who are passionate about making privacy convenient for everyone, an inalienable human right. We believe in collective intelligence, empathy, and collaboration as the means by which we'll make privacy a meaningful reality. 

Born out of a study group from Nym's Shipyard Academy, we emerged as a cluster of motivated and skilled individuals who see the new internet taking shape. Inspired by a shared vision of future and diverse backgrounds, it feels like we finally have the minds and tools to make this happen. 

We've achieved quite a bit since we started during the final moments of 2022. Wordsmiths have written content for beginners, coders have made useful tools for using the mixnet, avid readers have curated a cypherpunk reading list, and we've had ongoing heartwarming pineapple chats. And we haven't even properly begun yet!

Vibecare is at the heart of our approach. Our projects this year will be about creating unforgettable events, new tools, and content that weave a safer and more inclusive internet together. We are proponents of the "mysterious third thing," a playful take on where we stand around lunarpunk and solarpunk friends.

See, now is not the time to be divisive. We're on a misison to share what we learn with fellow communities; those who orbit the various technologies and ideologies around our digital lives. That's why we're all about pineapples, because nothing is more annoying and harmful than the questions that divide us (ie when we're expected to form an opinion on liking pineapples on our pizza or not). People and our greater world are far more interesting and nuanced than a binary question.

Also, just because we're on a mission doesn't mean we have to be serious. We want to play, we want to make things fun, we want to be our authentic selves. So, will you help us return the flavours back to fellow fruity friends across the world?

Pick your fruit, jump into this collaborative fruit salad, and let's make the internet more tender! 🍍🍓🥝🍇🥥🍋