Links for Nymjas

🌐Nymtech website

📄NYM lite paper

🔭NYM whitepaper

🪙NYM token economics paper

NYM Socials









🔎💯Nym githbub repo

☑️ NYM Mixnet Explorer (OG explorer of the mixnet)

🕉️Mixnet explorer by Nodes Guru - ⚠️ Keep in mind the view this explorer has two sides- one for the mixnet and one for the NYX blockchain ⚠️


💻Services and apps powered by NYM mixnet

☑️Is-NYM-up? - Quick mixnet status checker by NTV.

💬NYM mixnet chat app - demonstrative private p2p chat app built with webassembly.

🕶️Pastenym - anyonymus file sharing - supporting images by No Trust Verify.

👩🏼💻Live mixnet - detailed mixnet dashboard by NTV.

🕉️Node tracker - node checker telegram bot by NG.

🍍Mixnodes ❤️ 🔥


🗨️Secret network ecosystem

💠Universal Privacy Alliance

  • 🗺️privacy tech landscape to browse

Web3privacy landscape now.png